St John's Baptist Church

St. John's Baptist Church will be celebrating it's 100 Anniversary next January 2018!

St. John's Baptist Church is in one of our many landmark districts of Harlem; the Hamilton Heights, Sugarhill area.

The building itself was once a Jewish synagogue and then a Vaudeville Theater where they used to give minstrel and dance shows. Rev. Wilson Major Morris founded the church in 1943 with a very small congregation of maybe 10 people and became its first minister.
This church has had 3 ministers to head its flock and its present minister is the Rev. Dr. John L Scott who marched with Rev. King back in the sixties. Its second pastor the Rev. Walter CT Willoughby who is responsible for the current community center which sits right across the street from the church, it was built with the community youth in mind and in the past was used as a teen canteen and after-school program, it is currently used during the day by our Community Seniors program, feeding the homeless and on Sundays utilized by two other churches. 

What's New?

Saturday March 11 2017 -- 11:00am

​Church Conference

What Do We Teach?

We use both the Old Testament and the New Testament as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. We try daily to put those teachings into practice at home, school and at work.

Who Is Our Pastor?

Reverend Dr. John Lester Scott who came on to be our pastor and has been there for 44 years. Today, he leads our congregation by spreading the word of God here and through out the community. 

Health Ministry

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Sunday, 2017

Big Brothers 

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Sunday March 19, 2017
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